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Hearing loss in America, in many cases, happens gradually over time. Often hearing loss happens so gradually that many people who are living with untreated hearing loss don’t know they are living with hearing loss. Hearing loss is unique for every person who experiences it. But no matter the severity or duration of hearing loss, there are signs.


We all know physical activity keeps your body healthy. So, it’s no surprise that physical activity and hearing health are related to each other as well. Your hearing health is related to many parts of your overall healthcare. As hearing loss professionals, we have come to realize that hearing loss is a major health issue, one that can lead to an array of various other health issues. And, in the new year, our media is overflowing with messages pushing us to get healthier and add exercise to our daily schedules.


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One of the most important abilities we have as humans is our ability to communicate. This includes hearing, talking, seeing, smelling and touching. When we’re young, we certainly tend to take these abilities for granted. However, as we grow older, our abilities to communicate as well as we used to can change. When we notice these abilities begin to change, that’s when it’s time to take action.

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