All kinds of things today produce noises that impact our hearing health. Loud noises happen every day and many of us just don’t notice. From cars and highways to crowded streets and constant background noise, our hearing allows us to amerce in our environment. As functioning humans working the daily grind, of course there will be increased noises. We’ve accepted these sounds as part of our everyday living. We do live in the age of ever-changing technology after all, but how much is too much noise for our own hearing health?


Most people have utilized their hearing for so long it has become second nature and not something many of us focus on daily. Especially today, many of us do pay attention to our health by getting annual physicals, trying to stay active and working on eating a healthy diet. Through all these efforts, hearing health and hearing loss tends to fall to the side of our overall attention to health.

Of course, back in the old days, many of us will remember raising our hands for the beep, wearing headphones getting our hearing tested as children. We may even remember brief hearing health screenings at annual physicals as we aged. But all too often, as we reach adulthood, many of us think we hear “just fine”, which can be so misleading.


July 3, 2018 Hearing Loss11

As we get into the hotter summer days, it’s important for hearing aid wearers to be aware of ways to preserve the life of their hearing aids. Just like any other electronic device, hearing aids too need to be protected from certain elements, such as heat, water and chemicals. By following some simple tips, you can protect your hearing instrument investment.

The following are some helpful tips for avoiding damage to your hearing aids in the summertime:

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