All kinds of things today produce noises that impact our hearing health. Loud noises happen every day and many of us just don’t notice. From cars and highways to crowded streets and constant background noise, our hearing allows us to amerce in our environment. As functioning humans working the daily grind, of course there will be increased noises. We’ve accepted these sounds as part of our everyday living. We do live in the age of ever-changing technology after all, but how much is too much noise for our own hearing health?


July 11, 2018 Hearing Loss9

In our current social state of fitness and total body health, many people forget about annual hearing health care check-ups. Sure, in grade school we all raised our hands with the headphones on in the nurse’s office, but as we age, regular hearing health care falls to the side. Perhaps this is part of the reason why hearing loss affects hundreds of millions of people across the globe.

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