In case you missed it, Physicians Hearing Solution’s own (5-time RI Top Doc Winner) Dr. Mark P. Andreozzi was featured on The Rhode Show on Wednesday, November 20, 2019, where he introduced Dr. Amit Patel, Board Certified Otolaryngologist and fellowship-trained Laryngologist, specializing in voice and swallowing disorders. Both Dr. Patel and Dr. Andreozzi discussed the importance of hearing throughout the holiday season. Now is your chance to watch The Rhode Show segment, “Hear for the Holidays” now.


For many people living with hearing loss, the holiday season can be overwhelming and challenging. Many of us not living with hearing loss look forward to family gatherings, holiday parties and visiting with friends and family. For a person living with hearing loss however, parties and gatherings bring a host of anxieties. This is primarily true for people living with hearing loss because parties and social situations can lead to challenging listening obstacles.


Not all types of hearing loss are preventable. Certain types of hearing loss are age-related, but many types of hearing loss are not age related. There are things we can do to preserve our hearing abilities when it comes to noise-induced hearing loss to help reduce the impact of loud noises from permanently damaging your hearing. The following are three basic tips to prevent long-term permanent hearing loss from occurring:


There are three areas of the brain that connect with our auditory system, which helps each person to interpret sounds correctly and produce speech. If you’re feeling a loss of energy, it could be because you have hearing loss and your brain is working over-time trying to connect signals.

Three areas of our brain connect with the auditory system to help interpret sound and produce speech:


Living with untreated hearing loss is a long and often, lonely battle. Even when trying to do simple daily tasks, such as listening for the coffee maker and microwave, hearing the doorbell and telephone ring, not to mention understanding telephone conversations, hearing loss can impact every corner of a person’s lifestyle and functionality.


Starting a conversation about hearing loss is very rarely easy, especially the first time. If this is your first attempt to talk to someone about your concern for their hearing health, it probably won’t end successfully. This is not to say that you should not try however, it typically takes a person with hearing loss between five to seven years before seeking help. Don’t give up! The more conversations you have, the greater the chances a person with hearing loss will find acceptance and be ready to get the hearing help they need.


3 Things Everyone Should Know About Hearing Loss

If you do not personally experience hearing loss you cannot truly feel what it’s like to live with hearing loss. It’s challenging for a person with hearing loss to explain to friends, family and others just how difficult functioning daily with untreated hearing loss can be.

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