Heat, humidity, and hearing aids are not a good mix. Honestly, heat and humidity can be challenging enough for most people without adding hearing aids to the mix. But it’s also important to remember that the help hearing aids give to those with hearing loss outweighs the extra effort needed to deal with heat, humidity and hearing aids.

There are a lot of different things that can harm the technology and circuitry that make hearing aids work. That said, nothing really impacts a hearing aids inner workings like water. Water and technology just do not mix, and Hearing aids seem to suffer harm under severe moisture conditions. Humidity is best described as an invisible moisture, which has the highest chance of causing irreparable damage to the functionality of your hearing devices. The following are 4 summer tips you can use to ward off humidity damage to your hearing aids and even extend the life of your hearing devices:

Take Steps Against Fighting Humidity

Using dehumidifier storage containers when hearing aids are not in use is the recommended way to store hearing devices. A hearing aid dehumidifier helps absorb moisture from your hearing aid. A simple step that can save the life of your hearing aids.

water and hearing aidsAvoid Mixing Water and Hearing Aids

Probably one of the most important details to remember when you become a hearing aid wearer is not to mix water and hearing aids. Focus on keeping mindful that you are wearing your hearing aids and avoid becoming submerged in water, taking a shower, and sweating excessively. If the hearing aids get wet, it is important to remove the battery promptly and let the hearing aids dry out for several hours. If you have a Dri-Aid kit, use it to facilitate drying of the hearing aids.

Keeping a Barrier Between Hearing Aids & Bacteria

Hearing aids do collect bacteria and other microbes more readily during the summer months. To stave off bacteria we recommend using anti-microbial wipes that can be applied to the hearing aids every few days to help kill infection causing microbes.

heat and hearing aidsControl Heat & Hearing Aid Exposure

As with all technology, you should never leave your hearing aids sitting in the direct sun, while not being worn. Excessive heat can potentially damage your hearing aids beyond repair. We recommend always avoiding storing hearing aids in direct sunlight or inside a car. Never use a hair dryer, oven, clothes dryer, microwave or other heat source to dry wet hearing aids. If your hearing aids do get wet, remove the battery immediately and allow the hearing aids several hours to dry off. If you have a dry-aid kit, use it to help suck the moisture out from the inner workings of your hearing aid.

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