Hearing aids are certainly small in size, but they pack a powerful punch, until a hearing aid needs repair. These small devices can seem easy to fix, but with their plethora of technology and small size, fixing hearing aids can be complicated and best left to the professionals. What we are going to look at today is, how you can tell if you need your hearing aids repaired.

Are Your Hearing Aids Whistling?

hearing aidsExperiencing feedback in hearing aids is a very common issue. Although common, it is also very misunderstood and can be very dangerous for the life of your hearing aid. The whistling or feedback noise being produced by your hearing aid can be happening for a couple reasons:  (1) If there is a blockage, the sound traveling through the hearing aid will bounce back, travel back through the ear canal and back to the hearing device. When this happens, it causes small amounts of damage to your hearing device. This is something that will need to be addressed by your hearing professional, so be sure to call yours. (2) Another cause of feedback can be the way the hearing device is fitted to your ear. If the hearing aid is sitting even slightly wrong, this placement can cause the same feedback issue where the journey of the sound is interrupted. A hearing health professional will be able to make any repairs to your hearing aid and also be able to check your ear canal for any blockages.

You should legalroids.me always remember that your hearing health professional should be your first call for any adjustments to your hearing aids.

Are My Hearing Aids Dead?

hearing aid deadThis one may seem obvious, but a dead device should not be an invitation to tinker with your hearing aid. There are many simple solutions, such as the requirement for a new battery or a better connection internally or even an inner ear blockage. However, the problem could be far more complicated. First, try changing the battery. Then try checking the volume settings. If you find no response from the hearing aid, you should contact your Hearing Health Specialist.

It’s also possible for some people living with hearing loss to experience a sudden hearing loss change. In this case, contacting your Hearing Instrument Specialist is the best course of action and could save you a lot of money. Sudden hearing loss changes can occur, and this is why it is vital to visit your local hearing health professional as soon as possible.

Experiencing Unnatural Noises From Your Hearing Aids?

buzzingHaving forms of distortion and abnormal noise is one of the biggest signs that your hearing aid requires repairs. Noises of distortion can be caused by moisture being located where it is not supposed to be. From moisture comes corrosion and even a malfunction in the amplifier. You should be watching for any static-like interference with the device or anything that resembles a crackle. This can be especially true in the summer months when the heat and humidity can cause their own issues with hearing aids.

Distortion from background noise is normal. Because hearing aids can’t differentiate between sounds, the amplifier will perform on all noise. The noise you should be hesitant of is a constant noise that does not disappear. If this happens, be sure to contact your hearing health professional and they will take care of this for you.

Hearing health professionals should be your first option if you experience any issues with your hearing aid(s). They will always take the time to resolve each one and explain to you the root cause and how to avoid it in future.

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