Why do you need a Hearing Test annually? Well, aside from keeping good hearing health because it is linked to good total body health, hearing loss today impacts the lives of over 360 million people across the globe. That’s a lot of people! There are a wealth of hearing loss causes, such as prolonged and loud noise exposure, medical illness/disease, genetics, ototoxicity, lifestyle and more. Unfortunately hearing loss has received a reputation of being an age-related, elderly health condition. Although it’s true that the process of aging can mean changes in hearing abilities, hearing loss can happen to anyone at any age. In fact, hearing loss is the third most common physical condition in the U.S., behind only arthritis and heart disease.

Why You Need A Hearing Test

With 30 percent of adults over age 65, and almost half of adults over age 75 experiencing difficulties related to their hearing abilities, hearing loss is far from uncommon.

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The Hearing Loss Process

Unlike many other health conditions, hearing loss happens gradually over time in most cases. Hearing loss can occur so gradually that a person experiencing hearing loss goes, on average, a period of 7 years before seeking hearing loss treatment. In addition to this 7-year waiting period, some people who are living with untreated hearing loss even find that their family and friends are the first to notice their own signs of hearing loss.

Who Gets Hearing Loss?

Anyone can experience hearing problems at any age. Although it’s common to start losing your natural hearing abilities as you age, anyone can start to struggle with hearing abilities. Because anyone can experience hearing loss that happens gradually over time. It is important to get an annual hearing screening to chart your hearing health status.

Why? Because any change in annual hearing screening results will allow a hearing health professional to be proactive with your hearing health. And, some people will experience hearing loss due to excessive wax build-up, which is typically an easy fix! The only thing you will get from putting off a hearing screening, is prolonged and untreated hearing loss, which has been linked to the early onset of Dementia and cognitive decline.

For many people out there, a hearing test probably is not part of their annual physical.  Adding a simple hearing screening to your annual physical schedule could be the best thing you ever do! It’s also important to pay attention to the signs of hearing loss so you can be proactive with your own hearing and total body health.

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Signs You Need A Hearing Test:

  1. Hearing Telephone Conversations. For people with hearing loss, phone conversations can be extremely challenging. Face-to-face conversations are easier for people with hearing loss because of intermittent lip reading. Over the phone, conversations are based on hearing abilities alone. If you have turned up the volume on your phone to the maximum setting and you’re still having a hard time hearing the voice on the other end, it’s time to get a hearing test.
  2. TV volume is too loud. Do your friends and family tell you the TV volume is too loud? Are you constantly reaching for the remote control to turn up the volume? If this happens to you, you might be living with a hearing loss. This is an easy sign to miss, as most people slowly turn up the volume over time as their hearing worsens, which can be easily missed. If this sounds like you, or someone you know, it’s time for a hearing test.
  3. Background noises overpower conversations. Although background noise can be challenging depending on the situation, if even slight background noise impacts your ability to understand and participate in conversations, this could be a sign you are living with hearing loss. The problem may not be the restaurants acoustics, but rather your hearing health abilities. If this sounds like you, it’s time for a hearing test.
  4. Missing common sounds. Once you heard birds chirping, the coffee pot brewing, the hum of the air conditioner… now you don’t. If you notice that you are no longer hearing sounds you once heard, this is a good sign of hearing loss. If this sounds like you, it’s time for a hearing test.

Physicians Hearing Solutions office Rhode IslandPart of understanding when it is time to schedule a hearing test is knowing what signs to look for. By looking back and honestly considering your lifestyle habits, many people see how hearing loss may be part of their lives. Getting a hearing test does not obligate you to take any action other than receiving a hearing test at Physicians Hearing Solutions. Scheduling a hearing screening is free and your insurance is not billed. Doing this annually will support positive hearing health for you and your family and THAT is our primary goal! Call our East Providence or Warwick, Rhode Island office today (401) 921-0181 to get your 2020 hearing screening scheduled.


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