Silent Epidemic: Hearing Loss in America

February 14, 2020 0

Hearing loss in America, in many cases, happens gradually over time. Often hearing loss happens so gradually that many people who are living with untreated hearing loss don’t know they are living with hearing loss. Hearing loss is unique for every person who experiences it. But no matter the severity or duration of hearing loss, there are signs.

It is common for people with hearing loss not to realize they have hearing loss, or people with hearing loss think that their hearing loss is normal for their age. And then there are those people who are in denial and think that admitting they have hearing loss will make them seem old. No matter the reason, ignoring hearing loss, which is an invisible health condition, has some major consequences.

Hearing Loss is a Silent Epidemic in America

hearing loss in americaToday, in 2020, hearing loss across America has reached an all-time high. Hearing loss today impacts nearly 48 million Americans of all ages, including 2.7 Million Veterans and 1 in 5 teenagers.

With many people who experience hearing loss, there are no obvious external signs of a hearing healthcare condition. Because of this and many who suffer from hearing loss hiding their condition, hearing loss can go unnoticed and untreated. In fact, according to the Hearing Health Association of America, only about 1 in 5 of those needing hearing aids ever seek hearing health treatment. This is especially true for those with age related hearing loss.

What Ignoring Hearing Loss Means for Your Future

hearing loss in americaIt’s important to understand that ignoring hearing loss will impact your total body health as you age. Hearing loss is not a normal part of aging that should be ignored. With a goal to maintain long-term health, hearing loss cannot be ignored. Ignoring hearing loss is a big mistake and will cost your far more than missing out on a few words in conversations.

Living with untreated hearing loss has been closely connected to early onset dementia and poor brain health, as well as difficulties in personal relationships, depression, social anxiety, feelings of isolation and other mental health concerns. Find out the benefits of treating hearing loss now.

Hearing Loss and Brain Function

The brain is connected to your hearing health functionality and can be greatly impacted by prolonged and untreated hearing loss. Not only are your auditory centers impacted by your hearing loss, but other parts of the brain suffer when you have hearing loss as well. Hearing loss has been linked to rapid changes in the brain and makes those with hearing loss more at risk of developing dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease. Unfortunately, many seniors diagnosed with cognitive disorders aren’t asked to take a hearing test.

Hearing Health Help in Rhode Island is One Call Away

hearing loss in americaIt’s time to take notice your hearing loss and stop ignoring this invisible disability. The Physicians Hearing Solutions team, located in East Providence and Warwick, Rhode Island, is committed to working together to bring the most quality hearing healthcare patients across Rhode Island in order to achieve an overall goal of improving the quality of life of all patients.

To fulfill this mission, the  clinical team at Physicians Hearing Solutions is committed to earning the trust and respect of all their patients, through providing professionalism; ensuring a creative, challenging, and compassionate professional environment; exceeding your expectations; listening to those we are privileged to serve; and always striving for continuous improvement at all levels. Call Physicians Hearing Solutions today for a free hearing screening today, (401) 921-0181.

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