Physical Activity and Hearing Health

February 6, 2020 0

We all know physical activity keeps your body healthy. So, it’s no surprise that physical activity and hearing health are related to each other as well. Your hearing health is related to many parts of your overall healthcare. As hearing loss professionals, we have come to realize that hearing loss is a major health issue, one that can lead to an array of various other health issues. And, in the new year, our media is overflowing with messages pushing us to get healthier and add exercise to our daily schedules.

We’ve all heard it before: “Get healthy by adding exercise to your daily routine, it’s good for you!” What many people are unaware of is the correlation between physical activity, hearing loss and brain health.

Benefits of Exercise on Brain Health

physical activity and brain healthThe benefits of adding physical activity to your daily routine seem endless. We hear about how exercise can improve heart health, weight control, mood, muscle strength, increased bone density, etc. For those of you that are not motivated by those benefits, we’re here to offer one more! Did you know maintaining good hearing health and adding 20 minutes of walking to your daily schedule could prolong your brain health as you age?

According to the Anthem Health Network, “Physical inactivity is currently the biggest public health problem in the United States; the benefits of regular exercise and enhanced physical activity are not limited to heart, lungs, and skeletal muscle, but also may include organs and tissues, such as the brain, liver, pancreas, and those in the inner ear.”

We know that exercise does impact our brain function. What many people do not understand is that hearing loss too impacts cognitive brain function. With the growing statistics of increased hearing loss across the globe and its association to early on-set dementia and other cognitive issues, we must consider what we are doing wrong.

physical activity and hearing healthAccording to Asri Maharani, a researcher at the University of Manchester, Division of Neuroscience and Experimental Psychology, a recent health and retirement study  revealed that “the rate of cognitive decline was slowed by 75 percent following the adoption of hearing aids [for people experiencing hearing loss]…it is a surprising result.”

It’s true that age-related cognitive decline of some level is inevitable in the majority of aging adults, however, the Health and Retirement study produced results supporting the positive impact wearing hearing aids and adding 20 minutes of physical activity to daily routines had on the participants in the study. As a result, this study adds to the evidence that cognitive decline is connected to untreated hearing loss. And, our societal lack of physical activity certainly doesn’t help. 

Physical Activity and Hearing Health

If you’ve experienced any level of hearing loss you know it’s something you want to protect. A regular physical activity plan, even just adding 20 minutes of brisk walking per day, can help you keep the hearing you have longer.  Like any part of the body, the ear needs a good flow of oxygen-rich blood. Getting this means eating a food plan high in nutritional value that keeps your cardiovascular system in good shape. But good blood flow is achieved not only with a healthy diet.

hearing health physicians rhode islandGood blood flow is also achieved by adding regular physical activity to your daily routine. It keeps blood flowing to all your body parts, including your ears. You may assume that gradually losing your hearing after the age of fifty is inevitable, and some people do experience hereditary hearing loss, but medical evidence also supports that idea that our daily activity and continued hearing healthcare can help people avoid living with hearing loss and a decline of cognitive brain function.

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