How a HEARING INSTRUMENT SPECIALIST Can Help You with Your Hearing Healthcare

January 29, 2020 0

To many people, the title, “Hearing Instrument Specialist” or “National Board-Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist” is an unfamiliar profession. This is especially true for people perhaps just beginning their hearing health journey.

Some people think hearing aids can be programmed and adjusted to specific hearing loss levels on their own, but this is not the case. Identifying levels of hearing loss, choosing the correct hearing instrument to combat specific levels of hearing loss and programming hearing aids are just part of the benefits you receive by working with a National Board-Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist.

National Board-Certified Hearing Instrument Specialists (NBCHIS) are specially trained and educated to focus specifically on providing thorough and up-to-date hearing health care to patients. NBCHIS professionals have an important role to play in patient hearing health management.

What is a National Board-certified Hearing Instrument Specialist?

national board certified hearing instrument specialistA NBCHIS selects and administers hearing tests to evaluate hearing or related issues, they also administer basic hearing tests including air conduction, bone conduction, & speech audiometry tests. In addition to testing your hearing abilities, a NBC-HIS strives to recommend the right hearing devices for your specific treatment of hearing loss, as well as creating earmolds.

When Should You Visit A National Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist (NBC-HIS)?

There are many circumstances where you may want to consider visiting a National Board-Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist, including:

It’s Time for A Hearing Test. Call your Hearing Instrument Specialist.

A NBCHIS specializes in the management and programming of hearing aids, they can also conduct hearing tests on adults. If you are concerned that your hearing ability has declined, visiting a NBCHIS for a test is a recommended choice.

You’re Ready to Purchase Hearing Aids.

Working with an NBCHIS for your hearing aid needs offers you an array of benefits. Backed by industry experience and training, NBCHIS offers patients hearing health solutions from the test through to purchasing hearing aids. An NBCHIS will help guide you through the hearing loss process and ensure you find the right device to suit your specific hearing loss needs, lifestyle and budget.

You’re Ready to Upgrade Your Hearing Aids.

A huge benefit of working with a NBCHIS is their wealth of knowledge pertaining to all types of hearing devices. If you have previously used hearing aids and are now looking for a change or upgrade, the advice of a NBCHIS can be widely beneficial to your decision-making process.

You are Experiencing Issues with Your Current Hearing Aids.

Hearing aids are technology. As such, things happen to them that require professional help. A NBCHIS is a great resource help with their current hearing aids. If you are experiencing discomfort or your hearing aid is not working as it should, a NBCHIS is able to use their expertise to help you find the right solution. Many hearing aids have a wide variety of programs and features, which can take time to get familiar with as well. If you need further advice on how to make the most of your hearing aid’s features or programs, a NBCHIS will be able to advise you further.

Your Hearing Aid Needs Routine Maintenance.

All hearing aids should be taken in for regular maintenance and professional cleaning to make sure they work as they should and last longer. As an expert in hearing aids, a NBCHIS is the right choice for regular maintenance appointments.

While the job title national board-certified hearing instrument specialist is one you may not have encountered in the past, these experts are the best choice for a full range of different hearing care needs.

If you are in the Rhode Island area and are ready for hearing aids, already wear hearing aids, or are just embarking on your hearing health journey, call Physicians Hearing Solutions for all your hearing health needs.

Rhode Island NBC-HIS at Physicians Hearing Solutions

national board certified hearing instrument specialistMeet Kimballi Anreozzi-Startz who joined the Physicians Hearing Solutions practice in 2015 as a Hearing Care Practitioner. Kimballi is a qualified member of the International Hearing Society and has National Board Certification in Hearing Instrument Sciences.

Kimballi has been a hearing aid dispenser for over 30 years, holding multiple positions as hearing technology trainer, hearing instrument dispenser and owner of her own hearing health practice.  Kim brings wealth of interpersonal relationship experience and leadership to the Physicians Hearing Solutions team.

When choosing who to work with for your hearing healthcare, it is important to choose to consult a qualified hearing healthcare professional, like Kimballi. At Physicians Hearing Solutions, our priority is your continued hearing healthcare.

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