3 Things Everyone Should Know About Hearing Loss

If you do not personally experience hearing loss you cannot truly feel what it’s like to live with hearing loss. It’s challenging for a person with hearing loss to explain to friends, family and others just how difficult functioning daily with untreated hearing loss can be.

From the lack of speech clarity, to sensitivity to loud noises and the exhaustion that accompanies times of communication, people with hearing loss are confronted with a new set of life circumstances they must handle daily. The fact is, people living with hearing loss often struggle with daily functions, which impacts their lives and the lives of those around them. And, because of these challenges, sometimes people with hearing loss can be mistaken for being unfriendly, which may not be the case at all.

The following are three points people with hearing loss wish their friends and family members understood about living with hearing loss:

It’s exhausting living with hearing loss.

hearing loss rhode islandPeople hear with their brains. That’s right! Our ears work to send sound vibrations to our brain, which then interprets the vibrations and recognizes them, turning them into the sounds we identify with, such as birds chirping, the sound of other voices, cars, etc. When people lose hearing capabilities (from mild to severe and levels in between) certain sounds can no longer be understood by the brain. This makes the brain work harder and harder to identify and connect sounds/vibrations funneling into the ears, leaving people with hearing loss feeling more tired than usual to even exhausted. Living with untreated hearing loss has been connected to the early onset of cognitive disorders, such as dementia. It is important to keep our brains healthy as people age and hearing aids help human beings achieve just that.

“I’m not Ignoring you or being rude or unfriendly.”

hearing loss rhode islandLiving with hearing loss means some conversations or parts of conversations will be missed. People with hearing loss may often answer questions incorrectly because they believe they have heard different words being said. This is very common in cases of moderate to severe hearing loss. People with hearing loss have difficulty hearing in public places, such as retail outlets, restaurants and many places where large groups of people come together.

Today in our world of ever-evolving technology, thankfully there are hearing aids equipped to offer people with hearing loss options that merge with their specific lifestyle and budget! By choosing to work with an Audiologist, people with hearing loss can regain clarity in conversations as the hearing aids work to reduce background noise and other hearing distractions.

Support me in my hearing loss journey, don’t give up on me.

hearing loss rhode islandMany people with hearing loss feel an uncomfortable stigma admitting they are living with untreated hearing loss. In most cases, people living with untreated hearing loss want and need to feel supported in order to admit they may have a hearing problem. Because hearing health is so vital to healthy age progression, it is important to help a person with hearing feel comfortable enough to seek help. Our advice? No more hearing loss jokes or laughing at mis-heard or mis-interpreted phrases. Reach out and make continuing efforts to inquire about their hearing health and how you may be able to help.

At Physicians Hearing Solutions, we encourage our hearing health patients to attend their free Audiological consultation with a close friend or family member. Why? We feel that the patient will feel less anxiety about confronting their hearing loss, as well as working to offer the patient hearing health support. If you feel you or a loved one may be living with untreated hearing loss, please call us today (401) 921-0181. We can help you or a loved one achieve a better quality of life in an affordable medical setting created to foster the best hearing healthcare possible.

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