We’ve discussed ear wax becoming a blockage for your hearing, but what about medications? There are a few things that can impact your hearing abilities; ear wax blockage, a medical condition, actual hearing loss and ototoxicity.

What is Ototoxicity?

Ototoxicity happens when a person takes a medication that can adversely impact the way the inner ear functions. Specifically, some medications can damage the cochlea and the vestibulo-cochlear nerve. In doing so, your hearing abilities can become impaired, as well as your balance.

3 Signs of Ototoxicity

  1. You experience a loss of hearing.
  2. You experience unrelenting Tinnitus (a ringing in the ears).
  3. Your balance becomes an issue.

Medications/drugs that are Ototoxic

  • Alcohol
  • Nicotine
  • Caffeine
  • Marijuana
  • Aspirin
  • NSAIDS, including ibuprofen
  • Antibiotics
  • Loop diuretics
  • Hydrocodone
  • Some chemotherapy medications
  • Some cardiac medications

See full list here.

If you’re worried about any of these medications, or if you’re concerned about Tinnitus being a side effect of ototoxicity, please consult your prescribing MD or Pharmacist. You should not stop taking any medication without first consulting with your healthcare provider.  It’s important to remember that the risks of stopping a medication can far exceed any potential benefits of stopping.  Also, getting a hearing test or screening may help determine what is going on. There is currently no cure for permanent ototoxicity; however, hearing aids can improve the effects of hearing loss and help people with ototoxicity live normal lives.

 We Can Help You with That!

Physicians Hearing Solutions is hosting a 3-day FREE PUBLIC HEARING HEALTHCARE EVENT in both out East Providence, RI and Warwick, RI offices. During this event we will demonstrate the latest and most innovative advancements in hearing healthcare, we’ll offer FREE hearing screenings and thorough otoscopy exams. We are the only hearing healthcare practice in Rhode Island to provide this unique technology and free services.

Our professional staff will be on hand April 2nd, 3rd & 4th (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. During this special event, we will be offering the following FREE OF CHARGE:

  • Complimentary Hearing Screening
  • Thorough otoscopy exam. You may just have wax in the ear!
  • Live demonstration of LYRIC© by Phonak—the world’s only 100% invisible, extended-wear hearing device you can wear 24/7 for months at a time!
  • If you currently wear hearing instruments, they will be cleaned at no charge during your office visit.

This special event is for 3 days only!

We are sending this invitation out to our social network where we have received several questions about untreated hearing loss. Please call us early to make an appointment for the date/time of your choice. Appointments will go fast! Be sure to bring a friend or loved one to your appointment—someone whose voice is familiar to you and you communicate with often.

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