What Sounds Might You Be Missing Living with Hearing Loss?

March 1, 2019 0

Spring is right around the corner! Just a few more short months and we’ll be enjoying the sounds of spring again, or will we? Think about the last time you heard birds chirping or the sounds of the spring wind whipping across your yard. Maybe you are missing the sound of leaves rustling in the spring air, water trickling, or even the passing words of a friend or neighbor.

Whatever the sound may be If you think about it, you could be missing sounds that you hadn’t realized you are missing.Either subconsciously or not, most people end up ignoring many of the early warning signs of hearing loss. But I assure you, the people around you know you are living with untreated hearing loss. Let’s see if any of the following early warning signs of hearing loss sound like you:

  1. Do you have a hard time understanding and processing questions people ask you?

    It is very common for people living with untreated hearing loss to ask people to repeat themselves often.

  2. Do you often feel the people around you are mumbling or speaking at low volumes?

    Many people living with untreated hearing loss feel people speak too softly and not clearly enough. Our ears funnel sound impulses to our brains. As we lose our hearing, we miss certain sounds. The longer you miss sound impulses, the harder your brain must work to understand.

  3. Are you missing universally loud sounds, such as sirens and alarms?

    If you are living with a severe hearing loss, missing alarms, sirens, telephones, doorbells, etc. can be a serious health risk. If you are missing sounds that other people hear easily, it’s time to get a free hearing screening.

  4. Do you tend to read lips while participating in conversations? Do you also find it challenging to hold conversations on the telephone?

    It is very common for people living with untreated hearing loss to naturally revert to reading lips in order to support understanding conversations. The combination of our innate tendency to read lips and strain to hear can be very helpful to a hearing-impaired person. However, telephone conversations still pose challenges in grasping the true purpose of a call.

  5. Are people around you getting frustrated with repeating themselves and your need for higher volumes?

    For people living with untreated hearing loss, missing words and confusing words is common. This can be straining on relationships, especially if the untreated hearing loss continues to progress. Misunderstanding regular conversations can put a strain on any relationship. The good news is that there is help available.

living with hearing loss

If you answered yes to any of these questions or notice a loved one is described above, there probably some degree of hearing loss occurring or another medical issue. Either way, it’s important to have your hearing checked annually. Once a hearing screening has been performed, the results will show your Audiologist or National Board-Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist (BC-HIS) what the next steps of the hearing healthcare plan should be.

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