Do you remember getting your first apartment or home? That feeling of being able to do anything you wanted to that space gave you an overwhelming feeling of exuberance and independence, right? Well many people compare getting hearing aids for the first time to that of the independence of their youth.

I bet you’re thinking, “Why would getting hearing aids make me feel this way?” and the answer is because being able to hear means living. From fire alarms and doorbells to conversations with friends and doctors, people who hear clear are more capable of communicating and being a part of their own lives. People living with untreated hearing loss are typically challenged by conversations, confused by alarms and loud noises and tend to withdraw socially.

It can be easy to overlook clear evidence that you have a hearing loss. This is especially true because hearing loss happens gradually over time. In many cases, the person with hearing loss is the last person to realize they have a hearing loss. Usually, friends and family members have either suspected, or know that you’re living with hearing loss, even if you don’t want to admit it.

For the sake of this discussion, let’s just say you know, or strongly suspect, you have a hearing loss. What exactly is holding you back from getting treatment? Is it cost? Maybe it’s intimidation? Are you afraid someone will think you’re old? Maybe you think your hearing isn’t that bad…there are many, many reasons people tell themselves that drives the lack of general attention to hearing healthcare. The important thing to remember is that, generally-speaking, hearing loss will never just get better on its own. Did you also know untreated hearing loss has been linked to early-onset dementia, depression and other health issues?

Hearing Loss Facts

  • 50 Million+ Americans have some level of hearing loss
  • 20% of Americans experience Tinnitus (ringing in the ears); hearing loss occurs in 90% of such cases
  • 1 in 5 teenagers currently are living with hearing loss
  • 60% of Veterans come home with hearing loss and Tinnitus
  • People with even mild hearing loss are TWICE as likely to develop Dementia

Confronting Hearing Loss

Yes, confronting hearing loss can be very intimidating and even scary at first. The most important thing to remember is that YOU ARE NOT ALONE. It’s time to own it. Own your hearing loss and accept that you can get your life back. Let’s talk about some of the most common concerns in terms of seeking hearing help:hearing aid

  1. Hearing Aid Cost. Yes, hearing aids cost money. Hearing aids generally range in cost from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand. Consider this: new studies show that untreated hearing loss has been linked to additional health issues (Dementia, Depression, Cardiovascular Disease, etc.), which also cost money to treat. Although cost is a factor, there are many options a qualified hearing healthcare professional can offer, such as financing and working to find the right hearing aid(s) for your lifestyle and budget.


  1. Intimidation. Stand up tall and hear this: there is no shame in having hearing loss! So many of us in the hearing healthcare industry are working hard to support those with hearing impairment. The first thing we can all do to be a part of a society that does not attach stigma to people is to accept people as they are. This begins with you. Then work to find a hearing healthcare professional you trust who can work with you to find the exact solution to your hearing healthcare needs.

hearing aid physicians hearing solutions

  1. “Maybe My Hearing Isn’t that bad!” It’s time to get real. If you’re reading this you either suspect you have a hearing loss, or you know someone you suspect has a hearing loss. Physicians Hearing Solutions offers patients the choice of seeing a Doctor of Audiology or a National Board-Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist. Our hearing healthcare professionals offer patients a clear path to better hearing health combined with specialized hearing support services.Our support staff is second to none. Each of our team members values providing a superior patient experience and quality healthcare services to every patient, every time. Your happiness and trust are our top priority. You will not go through the hearing healthcare process alone. Isn’t it time you got your life back?

Call Physicians Hearing Solutions today to schedule your FREE Hearing Screening. We do not bill your insurance and there is no office fee for your Hearing Screening visit.  Call (401) 921-0181. We’re putting an end to untreated hearing loss one ear at a time.

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